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Our buy to let mortgages could help you make a success of your investment, whether you’re a first-time buyer or building up your property investment portfolio.

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Buying to Let

A buy to let mortgage is what you’ll take out if you plan to buy a property to rent it out. If you rent out your property, you become a landlord and have legal responsibilities to carry out. Buy to let mortgages often cost more than residential mortgages but you can use them to earn a profit.

The amount you can borrow with a buy to let mortgage depends on how much income you expect to get in rent. You often need a monthly rental income of 25 to 45% more than your monthly mortgage repayments.

Many lenders ask for at least £25,000 in rental income. Others may not ask for a minimum at all. If you’re a first time buyer, a lender is likely to consider your gross salary when you apply for a buy to let mortgage. You’ll need a buy to let mortgage if you rent your property out. 

If you already have a residential mortgage you’ll need to switch to a buy to let mortgage if you plan to rent it out. 

What are the costs of buy-to-let mortgages?

Buy to let mortgages often cost more than residential mortgages. It’ll cost more because: 

  • You need a deposit of at least 25%
  • The interest rate is higher
  • Lender fees are higher

Some forms of Buy to Let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Investing in Property

Before You Apply..

Your age

Most lenders will require you to be 21 or over to apply for a buy to let mortgage and you’ll usually need a good credit score. Consult our advisors to find out more.

Your income

Some lenders will require a minimum income for a buy to let mortgage. Usually the minimum you need to be earning is somewhere around £25,000.


For a buy to let mortgage, most lenders will ask for a 25% deposit, but this can vary – some lenders may ask for a higher amount, sometimes up to 40%.

Borrowing history

Lenders will look at your credit history to check you’re a reliable borrower. If you have a history of poor credit, you may want to improve your score first.

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